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Success has been achieved through our extensive range of pumps - lubi, sharp point & several leading and well proven manufacturers of pumps for a wide variety of applications throughout Chennai & Tamil Nadu. We are authorized Distributors for widely known sharp point Motors used for various power transmission applications. Vijay shaanthi pupms have grown to become a major distributor of lubi Pumps throughout Chennai and Tamil Nadu.

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These pumps are suitable for handling clean water not containing abrasive particles and fluids, which are not chemically aggressive to the pump components.
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Ro plants used pumps

Industrial range of pumps are mainly used in RO plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, water circulation in boiler Plants, Pressure Boosting applications for high rise buildings.
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Booster Pumps

pressure booster pumps for water supply

The pressure booster pump is best suited for water supply for shower, garden and multi storied bungalows. It is perfect for use your home and any places.
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What we do?


Agriculttural needs pumps

Dealing with Top-notch quality Pumps and Motors to suit Residential - Agriculttural - Industrial Needs.

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panels and Drives

We provide sales and service support for control panels and Drives for any suitable applications.

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Industrial used motors


water controller to save water and eletricity

User friendly and easy to install water level controller to save water and electricity.

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Hydro series pumps provide peak pressure

Turbo Sharp Hydro Series Pumps can provide peak pressure to every bathroom or water fixture in your home .

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